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Jerusalem … the dream

Jerusalem … the dream

Long time ago I lived a dream. A real one! Long time ago I lived a fairytale. A real fairytale. something everyone can watch in a movie. Long time ago, when I was young, I lived a real story, something no one can dream of! long time ago I lived a wonderful one night of my life.

When I was young, I lived in Kuwait and I used to go with my family in the summer vacation to visit my grandparents in Palestine. We weren’t allow to live there but we were allowed to visit our families in the west bank. Everybody knows that Palestine is under the Israeli occupation. The occupation decides the game and the rules of the game. Nobody can stay in what they called “their own territory” because of that the Palestinian outside remain where they are and who remained inside “the territory” remains inside. The only way to keep the link between the families from both banks was “a permission to visit” if you have family from the first degree! That was the situation in Palestine back then. So my parents could use all the chances they had to go and spent time with their parents, my grandparents.

When I was 12 I went with my family in the summer vacation to visit my grandparents in the west bank Palestine. That year was a good year for my father. He invested with a good friend in a restaurant and he couldn’t go with us. He sent us with the plane to Amman Jordan and that was my first time that I flew, that was exciting as well. After a long journey from Jordan to the west bank through Al-Hussein Bridge to the Israeli check points and the misery of the check points, finally we arrived in Si’er the village of my father. The second big town in AL-Khalil (Hebron) province. There lived my grandparents. Si’er means in Arabic Jahananm (Hell) and it is so. Why is it so? Because the people of this town have a very difficult mentalities and strange rules! My father said to me that the people of Si’er when they wanted to leave the town, they would close their minds with a key and threw it away because they were afraid that their mentality would change!

I was always excited to go there because I would spent a lot of time with my grandfather Ibrahim. I carry his name. he was a good man. He knew his god very well and spent the rest of his life serving one of the 3 most holy places for Muslims Al-Aqsa mosque. He worked as a guard for the holy mosque together with others guards. His work was guarding the Aqsa mosque from the inside after the night prays. He would wait until the mosque was empty and then he would jail hem self inside the mosque. While he was inside, he would check the place and then he spent his time praying for the good of the human being. After the prays he would go to sleep in his room inside the mosque.

My dream began that vacation when I went to visit my grandfather Ibrahim the father of my mother in Bethlehem. His name is also Ibrahim. It was on Friday and he wanted to go and pray in the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and at the same time he would like to visit his old friend Ibrahim my grandfather from Si’er. He asked me if I would like to company him to Jerusalem. I didn’t hesitate and I went with him to pray in Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

That was the year when Beirut was exploding from pain and sadness and the rest of the world was watching the world cup in Spain! I went with my grandfather from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. There we met my other grandfather Ibrahim and we went to pray together. After the Friday prays the father of my mother asked me if I would like to stay with my grandfather Ibrahim in Jerusalem. I said yeas and I spent my day with my grandfather Ibrahim. The first thing what we have done was a tour through the holly place inside the old city. He introduced me to his colleagues with a proud that my grandson would spend this night with me. After that we went to the church (alqiyamah) we visited the guards of the church and we drank a thee with them. At the ends of the day we went to eat with other guards of Al-Aqsa till the night prays.

After the night prays, everyone went back to their homes and I remained with my grandfather inside the mosque. my grandfather closed the door from the inside and he began to show me everything inside the Aqsa mosque. that was beautiful, something I couldn’t imagine and I guess a mature man could not imagine he would live those moments. When we felt tired we went to sleep in his room inside the mosque. we walked through the mosque under the tribune (manber) of Saladin and we walked through a huge hall with high ceiling, if you look up you could reach with your hand the ceiling and you had the feeling that you were touching heaven. While we were walking towards his room, I could smell the dust of the history inside the mosque. I could feel myself that I landed in a amazing fairytale. on the two sides of the hall there were huge doors, closed doors and that made it more exciting for an 12 year old boy. At the end of the hall we reached the last door on the right side of the hall and that was my grandfather’s room.

I entered the room with my grandfather holding his hand. I was so exciting and in the same time I would like to see more of my grandfather’s room. The room was huge and with a lot of books shelves on the two sides of the room. In the middle of the room was the bed of my grandfather standing nearby a small window located to watch beautiful scene of Jerusalem. I looked from that window for a long time because I would not have the chance once again to live this dream. When I went to bed I slept on the side of the window and I kept looking until I went in a deep sleep. I slept while I was breathing the dust of the history and my eyes were capturing the scenes of the small windows like a film camera.

At dawn we woke up and we went to open the door of the Aqsa mosque for the dawn prays. People of Jerusalem came to pray and it was also amazing to see that the mosque was almost full from the believers. After the prays the mosque was empty and we closed once again and this time we slept beside the door of the mosque from the inside. There was a wooden chair and I slept with my grandfather on that chair. This time I slept with other excitement. While I was trying to sleep I was watching the sunrise from the colored windows of the mosque. in the same time there was a music. A music concert of small black birds with two tails. To be honest with you I didn’t know what the bird’s name was, but the sounds of the birds flying inside through the colored rays of the sun made me awake because I would not want to miss this beautiful and amazing concert of god!

At the end of this wonderful journey we went to eat our breakfast in a small restaurant in the old city after that we went back to Bethlehem where my mother was visiting her family. I have seen a lot in my life and I lived a beautiful moment in my life but such a journey I had never expected that I would live that moments with my grandfather Ibrahim. Since that moment I have considered myself lucky and blessed by god and heaven to live one night of my life inside one of the 3 holy places for the Arabs and the Muslims.

I have lived a fairytale, a wonderful one and I’m still seeing it in my dreams. It was great feeling something you have to live it to tell it and I lived and I tell it to everybody. I wonder if this dream will become one again real and I can spent one night inside Al-Aqsa mosque. nobody knows except for the one who knows more that the human being.


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Valentine’s Day on the Tahrir square

The Valentine’s Day began earlier this year. All lovers celebrate their love on the 14th of February to declare their pure love to themselves and the world. It is always beautiful feeling to share these moments with everybody in the world. A collective love for everybody, even for the one’s who’s still not in love. But Valentine’s Day began this year earlier than we always expected. This year began the Valentine’s Day in Al-Tahrir square!

I guess everybody has watched couple of days ago the marriage ceremony on the Tahrir square. One protestor asked his fiancée to skip their marriage’s plans and asked her to get married now in the Tahrir square between the Massa protestors. His fiancée gave her yes answer immediately and they arranged everything in couple of hours. They asked their families to come to the Tahrir square to share with them and the Egyptians Massa their wedding party!

What a proposal! What a story! It is more beautiful than the fairytale one thousand night and one night. A man and a woman got the chance to declare their love to each other and get married in the middle of a revolution towards freedom. I ask myself how many people in this life has got the chance to be part of something beautiful like the one in Al-Tahrir square? I wonder how many novelists could or can write something like the love story of the Tahrir square? Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote over love in the time of cholera. I guess if he knew over love of Al-Tahrir square then he would wrote over love in the time of revolutions! Revolutions like the freedom of revolutions in Al-Tahrir square.

What a moment! You’re standing with your woman of your life before the Imam and among all these guests to say I love you and I love Egypt with you. “Love is such beautiful thing and you make my day a summer days” the Bee Gees couldn’t say much more beautiful words like those words. In this beautiful scene the Massa know much more than heaven. They know that this wedding ceremony is their declaration for the world that they are free people and with love they will make their days and the days of the others in the Arabic world summer days.

Declaration of love was a declaration of freedom made by two lovers who wants to share their love with the blood of the others protestors who gave themselves up for the freedom of the others many lovers of the great Egypt. The Massa in the Tahrir square gave a new meaning for valentine’s day. They gave hope for everyone on this planet that human being will always raise free and will remain free.

Happy 3id el7ob everybody

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We are breathing freedom

It has been a long time since we felt optimistic. Last night I received a notification from face book telling me that my little sister has written note on my page. I logged on and I viewed the massage which she left on my board. She wrote “bro, I feel that a good things coming on your way”. That was an optimistic sentence which let me think for a while. Next day I called her to ask what she meant, she answered; “Bro, I’m optimistic and I feel the same for you”. I thanked her and I hanged up and I stood still for a while …!

I asked myself what has happened between day and night that my little sister starting talking about optimism and she is not the only one who is sharing that but there are a lot of people who’s sharing this feeling of optimism. I feel it as well with a huge load of proud and dignity, but the question remains what has happened for this people to feel optimistic once again?
The answer is not laying far away from what has happened in Tunisia and Egypt. The people of the Arabic world have seen the changing happing in the two countries. They saw how the people of these great nations controlled their fear and over winning that disease which called bread. The Arabs in Tunisia and Egypt have found another source of food to satisfy their hanger. They found their freedom, the food of the soul and liberty of the mind. They could reach the top of the humanity by listening to their free souls which lead them at the end to over win their fear, the fear that made their lives a hell for the last 3 decades. Over winning your fear and listening to the voice of your free soul is the formula to gain the freedom what you deserve. Breathing freedom make us feel optimistic because we were/are free people, we were born free and we will remain free.

When Ben Ali left Tunisia running away from the free nation, there was a video in the news for a Tunisian man walking in the street of Tunis the capital chanting the freedom of the Tunisian and declaring the escape of Ben Ali. The man appears on the video with all his emotions and feelings shouting for the freedom alone in the street. That real scene of that ordinary man made me cry. Each time I see this clip on you tube makes my tears falling down. This man has said everything. He called everything what any simple Arab citizen wants … freedom!

When I see that our world is changing and when I see that my people are chanting their freedom and gaining their lives back, then I can imagine that these brave Arabs have let optimism grow once again in our imagination and inside our souls. Because of that we are feeling optimistic and we are not afraid no more …
God bless you my people in Tunisia and Egypt and I wish that the others will follow … Amen

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It is new dawn on Egypt

Today is a new dawn in Egypt, new glare in the horizon and new sun above Egyptians brown faces. Today is a new day for the freedom of people who were longing all their lives to breathe freely the clean air. Today is the day of the Arabic freedom, our freedom, the freedom of our grandfathers and mothers who spent most of their lives dreaming, bagging, asking, shouting, screaming and dying to breath the clean air of the freedom. Today is the new down of our freedom, the freedom of our parents, our brothers and sisters, the down of our children and the freedom of our Arabic world.
Between yesterday and today there was a thin line of doubting that we would not be able to see the new down and the light of the freedom would vanish as a vague dream! There was anxiety and confusion about how it would down on the Arabic nation, a new down would bring a new hope and changing for the people and the whole area. But what for change should the down bring with him to the people of the Arabic nation? This is the question which caused the anxiety and confusion not for the people of Egypt but for the major powers of the world.

For the Egyptians changing means new life with dignity and pride. A free life with a lot of hope and wishes for the future of their nation. Changing means for the Egyptians going back to their leading position in the Arabic world. changing means also a huge effect on the political landscape of the middle east. Egypt is a key player in the area because of its possession in the middle of the Arabic world. Changing in Egypt means also changing in the Arabic world. the Arabs looking towards Egypt as the mother of all Arabs, and when the mother wants to change then the children would like to change as well to create the a one unity that everybody in the Arabic world is looking for and longing to realize it.

This kind of changing is the anxiety which could block the down from rising above the land of the brown faces. This kind of changing which made The major powers in the world standing amazed and confused watching the people chanting their freedom. they were confused how to deal with this new down. Is this changing will fit within our vision of freedom? is this changing will keep our interests in that area? It was absurd to see how the US administration flubbed with their statements about the new changing. The US and the European administrations were always a big supporters of changing in the world by bringing democracy to the people. The major powers in the world had brought democracy to the Kosovo and east Europe and they made of it example for the other nations who wants to change according their standards. If you want our freedom and democracy, you will have to fit within our standards. East Europe could fit within the standards of the major powers and Because of that there was no anxiety for the US and European. But when the people of Egypt and Tunisia wants the air of freedom, the major powers have to hesitate before they support the freedom of the people. And because of that it was not very strange that the first thing what the US and European administrations have announced was the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel! It seems that the price of freedom for the Egyptian according to the US and the European was the security of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel

The down of changing in Egypt in the Arabic world was/is the anxiety of the major powers in the world because they know that changing in the Arabic world means a new powerful player in the region. A player who does listen to the hearts and the wishes of the people of our region and he doesn’t obey to the changing from the outside. A player who looks to his history and goes with his believe. This is the anxiety that makes a headache and let the civilized world think twice or three times before giving their support to the Arabs in Egypt because the new player will not put the interests of the major powers in front of him but the interests and the hopes of the poor people who’s longing for a decent life.

People in Egypt and Tunisia let the world see that changing should come from within and not from the outside. They made history with their pare hands and they didn’t need support from the outside. they could make their change with their believe, dignity and their pride and they could show that Arabs could be once again on the map of the world.

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