Monologue Zijspoor

Critical and cabaret monologue about an employee of railway who is trying to keep his job in times of the crisis.

Imagine this: you do your job well, but you’ve been not noticed. Imagine that you are doing absolutely everything properly to perform your job and make your boss happy but that is not enough to have guaranteeĀ  for your social security. Imagine that the recognition and appreciation that you expect to get from your employer does not come. What are you going to do?

Thera Jonker wrote:

“Side Track” has a strong text with multiple layers. The reality of the individual Railway man is beautifully connected with the world of the passengers on various levels. The actual everyday reality -what happens when a train is delayed- , a social reality (the relationships between Dutch people), an economic reality – the context of the crisis-, and a spiritual / existential reality connecting with powers beyond our grip. At the same time spectators are informed precisely about the functioning of the railway as organization. One gets an interesting look behind the scenes of an aspect of everydaylife we are all familiar with. The performance is touching and amusing. It has the potential to attract a much wider audience. I had a great night.

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