Theater play Mud (pilot)

Theatre on location 2012

Imagine that one day you put in your own home. Try to imagine that you always seek help but you cannot find it. Ask yourself what you would doe if you have no more solid ground under your feet except on the moon.

Mud is a tragic play about an elderly woman who sees her past and present and its future as past. She is stuck in her world. She tries to save her house and her life from collapsing. She gets a chance handed for a better life but she makes a fatal choice. Mud is about love in times of crisis. It’s about the society, with its crooked and hidden relationships. Mud is about the man through the ages who does not change and do not actually want to change. Mud is about being old while you’re young! Mud is about making choices and desire for freedom. Mud is also about money. Money as identity, purpose, and power means and solution for a better life. Mud is about the state of “the Land”, The state of the country is Mud



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